The Internet and social media have proven that humans are very visual creatures. How a website looks may be almost as critical as the material it includes. If a website looks crowded together, it makes the company seem hurried, weak, and untrustworthy. And because humans are so visual, it’s likely that your design would shut them off before they can even read all the fantastic content you’ve developed for your company.

This ensures that the website has an enticing look to help it turn visits into purchases. If the website is not easy to use and use – not to mention clearly in the eyes – no potential users would be able to navigate easily.

Luckily, you don’t have thousands of dollars in the bank to make the web appear great. If you’re looking to make a few fast and easy changes, check out the following web design resources for inspiration:

General Web Design Resources

  • Smashing Magazine – Smashing Magazine is a web design platform that offers details on various subjects that would cater to all types of designers. Here you can find tutorials for typography, graphic design, CSS, and more. The platform even features a career board for artists seeking to take up new jobs.
  • Noupe – Noupe is a fantastic place for those searching for knowledge on web design and growth. Tools include CSS, AJAX, Photoshop, WordPress, and more detail. The site provides guides, freelancer tips, and articles about how to improve images, making it a perfect tool for designers and webmasters alike.
  • Treehouse Blog This blog focuses on website architecture, scripting, iOS, and Android device apps, and more. When you’re trying to know more about the web design community, make sure to scope out the company’s paid training plan as well.
  • A List Apart – This website is one of the foundations of the field of blog about web design. Posts are written by numerous, varied writers and offer an analysis of just about everything in the web design industry. This platform also dives into the calculation and measuring that goes into typography as well, making it a great tool for all the font jockeys out there.
  • Web Appers – This article focuses on all the open-source tools currently accessible to web developers. For anyone out there who wants to talk about design functionality, this is a fantastic place to read.
  • Web Designer Wall – This site is targeted towards budding web designers and is a perfect place to go both for design suggestions and for the latest in technology trends. The platform also provides a multitude of videos to help you execute anything the platform helps you to make.
  • Standard Banner Sizes – Better check out this awesome cheat sheet to help you ensure that all designs that you’re going to make will follow the basic size requirements.

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Stock Photography Resources

Web Design Resources You Need to Know

Typography Resources

Website Optimization Tools

  • CrazyEgg – CrazyEgg is another web design resource that lets you learn what functions on an online platform with the use of heat maps and scroll data. The organization also provides a resource named “Confetti” that lets you evaluate which parts of your website are being clicked and the channels of recommendation are causing such clicks.
  • Zentester This platform offers an outstanding review of current websites, including A / B checking, scrolling, and heat maps, among other apps. Again, it’s another perfect resource that lets creators consider what’s going and what’s not. This is a perfect springboard for the creation of a new website.
  • Google Page Speed – One of the main flaws on any website is long loading times. Even though designers prefer to concentrate mainly on how a web looks, it’s important to review and make sure that the design choices don’t bog down the load times of the web.

If you’re a talented designer or a website owner who’s involved in ongoing design improvements, it’s crucial to keep on top of what’s going on in the industry. Let us help you with these huge web design resources for your next projects.