The term modern intimate wedding is subjective and is currently trending due to pandemics. Usually, it means having around 20 guests. Always remember that the “good things come in small packages”.

As you go from culture to culture, you will come to realize that an intimate wedding is different in many ways. An intimate wedding is an approach to a celebration with closest friends and family.

And in their presence, one is stress-free from playing a gig!

The modern feel is cozier and more luxurious. Here are some of the ideas for a modern intimate wedding that you might consider to make your day special and noticeable.

Modern Intimate Wedding — Quality
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Less Spending, Big Savings

Yes. Because you are not going to have so many people. You can get more savings because you’re not going to get more and bigger resources like venues. Likewise, you’re not going to cater to so many people during the reception.

Modern Intimate Wedding — Quality

Level up the quality of your big day. Because with this kind of setting, you can invest in food and other experiences for your guests. Because you are having a modern and intimate wedding you can put more details like a big wedding of your dream.

Good Planning, Successful Wedding

Write down who’s invited. So that when you look around during your wedding day, you can recognize all your guests. The closest people make us feel at ease. Because our loved ones know you best and they will make you feel relaxed and be able to enjoy your special day.

Right Venue To Personalize Your Day

With fewer people, you can make sure that you have the right space. To make your wedding doesn’t look empty, remember to choose the right one. Also, it shouldn’t be too tight. Moreover, with fewer guests to think about, it is far easier to make your day bespoke as possible.

Remember that it’s your day and try to have as much fun as you possibly can.