But before deciding to hire a photographer to do the work for you, you need to learn the basics first. You must be able to have a good understanding of what really is advertising photography. And explore the possibilities of the styles or techniques that can best deliver the message that you want to convey.

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The reason why this is done is to encourage the purchasing of items, at the same time, allow the consumers to be aware and recognize your brand.

Our everyday life is filled with promotional photos. You can see these types of photos in lots of catalogs, brochures, price lists, flyers, and even on billboards.

In order for you to achieve a great result in advertising photography, there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled first by the photographer. With the Philippines being a growing industry in terms of digital marketing, there are a lot of opportunities, techniques, and styles to explore. But, nothing beats having a good understanding of the purpose as to why you need to do advertising photography in the first place.

Promotional photos must be fresh and on point while conveying the message contained in them. No matter what is being promoted, the message should be clear and precise. In order to get the best possible results, take several versions of the image of the product and select the best among them that is very convincing.

The photos used in advertising photography are usually images without background and shadows. Or if you need to use a background, it must be plain and monochromatic to avoid unnecessary attention to things other than the product. All the techniques used in advertising photography aim at making the item more attractive and creating pleasant thoughts to whoever sees the product.

The main idea or concept must be highlighted, as well as the arrangement of the composition, spatial, and color space shooting organization.

Another important element to consider is the quality of the image. Promotional photos must be sharp, contain a high resolution, have a large range of tones, and fewer amounts of grain.

Advertising photographers have been using film cameras in large and medium formats. With the rising popularity of digital photography, most of them are now using digital cameras with digital images stored in RAW format.

And since I’m talking about the essence of advertising photography, here are the other elements that you should consider in order to know what type of advertising you must use in your next campaign.

Advertising Photography Services That You Can Avail

Architecture & Interior Photography

Buildings and houses with unique structures and amazing interior designs make up a perfect shot for real estate photography. These majestic man-made masterpieces are worth giving high value. Whether for commercial or for personal gain, doing advertising photography with these structures requires proper planning while the images captured should convey the essence of the site according to its true beauty.

Companies and Celebrities

In order for certain brands and celebrities to get more audience and be more established in the industry, good corporate photography is the key. For various campaigns that promote more exposure to companies, businesses, and even stars, you must know who to trust when it comes to taking flawless images. Those that pop out and just makes you want to ask for more or try out the product or service that they’re using.

Lifestyle and Fashion

Everyone just wants to get updated on the latest trends and fads in fashion. This simply shows how powerful product photography really is. That is why if you are a designer or an owner of a boutique, you need the best and the most effective advertising photographer that you can find in order to give you the best results.


What makes people go to restaurants and purchase various types of food? Incredible food photography of course! Every day, we are convinced by fast-food chains and other burger joints to eat what they offer. We politely followed and purchased from them because of their persuasive advertising techniques. That’s the real power of advertising photography!

And now that you have some idea on what get or expect from your next advertising photography session, you have to put in mind that whoever you choose to do your ads, he/she must be able to deliver the message that you wanted to convey.

The advertising photographer must know the goals and the main purpose of doing that photo shoot. There must be thorough and careful planning of how things and events should transpire.

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If your chosen one has all the characteristics that you need for successful advertising photography, then you are good to go in getting a good deal and discussing the plans for your next project.

More questions or more details that you’d like to know? Connect with me so that I can briefly explain and recommend how things work and help you in making your dream a reality in terms of advertising photography and more!