Travel photography is one of the best experiences that anyone can have. It brings out enjoyment and satisfaction that you will never get the chance to have when you tend to stay at home or just within your comfort zone. The Philippines has 7,107 islands. And you have 365 days per year to go visit each paradise beach and beyond perfection islands.

If you feel torn at work, the pressure at school or even in a relationship, traveling keeps you to move forward and thus, provides a new perspective in life. Believe it or not, traveling makes you wiser and be more than open to opportunities that you never thought you keep ignoring for the past years. The landmarks and the wonders of every province in the Philippines are just waiting for you to explore them.

It is believed that the best time to take travel photography is during summer. Because you never have to feel inconvenience when it rains. In addition to that, colors during summer are more saturated and there is no need to bring additional lighting materials. Furthermore, you can travel as much as you want to for as long as you are inspired to do so, obtain a budget and well-planned trip.

Ways To Have Outstanding Travel Photography Gallery

  • To start with the travel photography you should conduct research about the destination you’re about to visit. And you need to find out the ideal subjects for your gallery. This includes the study about the traditions of the place and people residing at it. Since local photography is one of the objectives of professionals in the line of travel photography jobs. And before you click the shutter, make sure to introduce yourself properly and ask for their permission first.
  • Forget about the map and feel free to get lost, the memorable experience starts when you get lost and find your way back to your lodging. It is where you find the most untouched places that everyone deserves to see and witness through your photo compilations.
  • Don’t be afraid to get off the beaten path, because people are now looking for something fresh and new to their eyes. Share your online gallery and see how people would react to your travel photography skills.
  • And lastly, National Geographic has a lot of things to share if you need more tips.

Technology You Need For Travel Photography

The mirrorless and DSLR are both available at the market, both cameras allow everyone to focus on the image they’d like to capture by adjusting the lens. The DSLR offers more features but then it’s bigger and heavier than the mirrorless camera. However, if you don’t have enough funds to purchase the DSLR, you can opt to purchase the mirrorless which is 60% affordable.

Drone – Gone are the days you only wish to capture the 360 views of the city. Through the use of a drone, you may now capture images and videos of popular tourist spots in 360 view. Even travel companies are now taking advantage of drones to encapsulate the potential of their business. In addition to that, if you have travel photography jobs, drones allow you to increase the popularity of your videos since not everyone opts to take advantage of it.

Mi Band – Its battery can last for as long as 30 days, it can track every move you make. Aside from being a fitness tracker, Mi Band can also display the caller ID as well as the phone number. Since Mi band is Bluetooth ready, no need to stop and search your phone inside the bag when you’re on the run, you can simply and instantly know who’s calling you.

Powerbank – When you have the perfect selfie moment, you need music to get asleep, or even answer emails from your demanding boss, who loves to run out of battery? No one! So before you forget anything else, prioritize to pack the PowerBank in your luggage.

Luggage – Always choose nothing but the high quality of luggage to eradicate or even prevent inconveniences when traveling. Choose luggage that can handle the weight of your items including drones, clothes, shoes, and towels. It’s recommended to bring high-quality luggage than carrying multiple bags on both hands.

Baby Boomers vs Millennials

In 2015, around 24% of the population whose travel was composed of baby boomers. Baby boomers are those people who were born in the mid-1940s and mid-1960s. Compared to the millennials, it is proven over the years that boomers take much longer vacation roughly within 10-15 days since boomers are quite budget-conscious. If they travel, they want to maximize the planning stage to prevent any missed out destination for travel photography.

Most of the travel photography of baby boomers is 49% domestic or local destinations, then 47% combined international and domestic while the remaining 4% boomers chose to travel International destinations only.

Meanwhile, millennials or considered as the Generation Y is composed of people born from 1980 up to 2000. When it comes to travel photography, millennials are eager to book a flight when there is a seat sale. 37% of millennials are influenced by blogs, articles and social media trends to travel.

Among these two generations, the travel trips of millennials are one of the shortest duration, they love the idea of being better at work while enjoying travel photography on the side.

A quick run-down of top motivators why people feel the need to travel are as follows:

  • 57% they want to have and spend quality time with family and catch-up with friends.
  • 49% to relax and be rejuvenated from all the toxics and active stressors.
  • travel photography job as a quick escape from normal everyday life.

As a matter of fact, 24% of millennials’ reason why they travel is they’d like to try something new while only 15% of baby boomers have stated the same reason. Only 21% of baby boomers are excited to seek adventure while traveling and 27% of millennials love to seek and experience adventures.

Travel Trend Is For Millennials?

The generation z or millennials is the future of youth travel, they are more sociable compared to baby boomers. Interesting facts why travel trend is for millennials are as follows:

  • They travel at least twice a month, it doesn’t matter if they have work the next day for as long as they will enjoy recreational travel activities such as camping, kayaking, destination.
  • Millennials consider traveling as one of the necessities in life, it’s an opportunity for them to conduct self-discovery and find focus whenever they feel lost or feeling pressured at school or at work. They allow their thoughts to freely flow and assess their current path while traveling.
  • They considered road trips as part of a quick escapade or mini travel getaway. Aside from taking a leave from work, millennials love to wander and accept freelance photography jobs as the return of investment for the ticket they have purchased.
  • Since there are Instagram and Pinterest, millennials are addicted to travel as these two platforms provide them an inspiration to always seek adventure whenever they can.
  • Most of the guided tours and newly found destination spots posted on social media specifically on Facebook are by millennials. They love to share their experiences and help fellow their circles to enjoy life at its fullest while sharing some important takeaways on how each one of them to enjoy traveling through inexpensive travel techniques.

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Based on the statistics from 2016 up to this date, 85.7% of travelers are women while the remaining 13.7% are men. The popularity of guided tours and newly found destination spots in social media also influence the travelers to go on a solo trip while the budget-conscious society prefers group trips to lessen the expenses while on a journey.

If you can still remember the Department of Tourism has started last June 2018, the Philippines has welcomed over 3.7 million arrivals for the first half of the year.

You can also generate additional income through the art of learning photography, and simply get inspired to start your travel photography jobs such as the following top individuals in the industry:

  • Jed Ryan Rosell of Byaherong Barat
  • Robbie Bautista of The Travelling Dork
  • Jonas Roque of Wandering Weekend Warrior
  • Ivan Henares of Ivan About Town

Who knows you might be the next popular individual when it comes to travel photography like Xyza Cruz Bacani.