With portrait photography, every person in the world has something to treasure for the rest of their lives. Even if the world had shifted into a much faster pace, the gift of seeing ourselves in a portrait photograph does make our time count. Doesn’t it?

That is why, in countries like the Philippines, portrait photography has always been a crucial part of every home. Also in every story of families and individuals. In fact, in every house, the walls have portrait displays. In social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, walls are bombarded with self and group portraits. In modeling businesses, portrait photography serves as a vital key to attract investors and clients.

Because of this, portrait photographers never cease to innovate the way they deal with their photoshoots. As the demand for professional portrait photograph increases, the competitiveness also increases. Making the business of portrait photography as a vast ocean of opportunity for business and photographers to grasp upon.

In this guide, we will discuss the things you need to know about portrait photography, its importance to your business and the reasons why should you trust portrait photography in the Philippines.

What is Portrait Photography?

The essence of portrait photography is driven by a goal to capture the uniqueness of an individual or group of individual’s character and personality. This makes a portrait photographer’s job a challenging task. Since highlighting the character and personality means also emphasizing the facial features of an individual, the job is not just as easy as one click. There are also different approaches that need to be considered.

Everything needs to be prepared and rehearsed. This is why photographers and clients allocate a couple of days or even months to plan and discuss the things that need to be done. A portrait photograph can be a lifetime treasure one has to keep for the rest of his life. Thus, it shall be given ample time for preparation.

In portrait photography, the subject is the most vital element. It is why and where everything under it revolves. Next to the right camera and other types of equipment vital in the photoshoot.

In shooting for a portrait, the photography is all about highlighting the distinct features. The features that will describe the character or individuality of a photographer’s subject. These features most importantly include the facial aspects. The way a person smiles, his eyes, his cheeks and even the color of her hair. Since the face is the part of our body that will establish our physical identity as a person, it is also where emotions are seen. These emotions radiate on the outside and result in the way a person presents his facial identity.

Portrait photography is maximized for home displays, business purposes, graduation yearbooks, social media profile pictures, and updates. It is even used on funerals. With the right amount of care, photographs in the portrait can last for a couple of years and even centuries.

Why Portrait Photography is Important in Your Business

As a photographer for years, one of my specialty is portrait photography. And, I can attest that portrait photography is one of the most challenging. But, it is also the most rewarding. In the business, a portrait is essential. It is not just about the photography of promoting the goods or brand being sold and even the background of the subject; It is the subject itself.

It is about people. It is about the leaders who spearhead the company or organization. It is also about the workers who are the primary driving force of the business. And most especially individuals that are comprised of different people revolving and contributing to the existence of the business.

You may have a bit of confusion between corporate photography. But do not worry, portrait photography is a different field as it is more minimalist in nature. It highlights the way a person smiles, his hand carries, cheeks and other unique features that will describe his personality and character. In short, it focuses more on the physical and facial identity of a person.

Portrait photography is essential in any business as it shows clients a glimpse of an individual’s distinguishing features or a group of individual’s unified characteristics. For instance, if a business is about modeling, portrait photographs of the models can tell precisely the quality of an agency. If the subject is appropriately captured in its appropriate purpose, it leaves a mark that will ultimately ignite a good impression from the customer. It will attract potential clients and will result in a domino effect on your entire business.

The Importance of Portrait Photography in the 21st Century

In social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, self or group portraits are very important especially that millions of people can browse anyone’s profile picture. The undeniable thing is that people don’t want to leave a wrong impression. Especially millennials, right? So, the matter is that people will have to pick the best of friends and the best of DSLR cams for a photoshoot. Some even hire professional portrait photographers.

Self or group portrait is getting more critical in the 21st century because this is the peak of the digital or virtual age. Also, it is the period where photos of individuals are given much attention and importance than the physical individual. Which is not good. For millennials, it is seen as something that will tell how they will be treated in society. For instance on Facebook, if the self-portrait appears to be good, many people will be more likely to give a good impression on an individual. Otherwise, it will make a person feel bad about himself.

Although there are some downsides to the outcome of using portrait photography in the virtual world improperly, it does not change the fact that it significantly shares a considerable part of an individual’s character and personality. Hence, it does not have to be a threat. Portrait photography is made not to make people compare themselves to others. But, to make people realize that there is uniqueness in everyone. And, it is through portrait photography. I can capture the innate uniqueness I am referring to.

Why Should You Trust Portrait Photographers in the Philippines


Portrait photographers in the Philippines are great explorers when it comes to portrait photoshoots. Studios are excellent to conduct portrait photoshoots but can be sometimes too conventional. Filipino photographers make use of the tropical climate and rainforest that the environment offers.

Filipino photographers, go out and explore the beauty of natural lighting. Some sometimes go on trips in rainforests and mountains to practice and do photoshoots. This may be risky, but it can sometimes be worthwhile especially for clients who are explorers, too. This will make them showcase a lot about their interests, hobbies, and passions in life.


Filipino portrait photographers are creative. As for me, I find the best possible options for clients and even set trends to express my best character as a portrait photographer. I am always ready for new challenges.

Globally Competitive

In the course of my journey as a photographer, I have met different professionals who are masters in the field of photography. Among them, I can say that Filipinos are different and unique. It’s not because we have the skills to withstand global standards and demand for quality portrait photographs. But, because we are so passionate to turn challenges and frustrations into years of practice. This is why we are known to the world as hard-working professionals. And with that fact, we can compete and dominate even the best of best.


For many years as a photographer, I have come to realize that hard work is what makes people choose people. For Filipino workers like me, I believe that we are preferred because of our dedication to our chosen field. The commitment to address the needs and give the best quality of service we can offer to our dear clients.

It is through hard-work our clients choose us. If not, because of our skills in photography. Nonetheless, it is one of the most crucial skills a right portrait photographer must-have. Clients will never choose someone lazy to relate and respond to their demands. They will always pick people that are willing to give their best effort and options to make things work in hand.


The reason why Filipino photographers are different because our themes are more focused on families. As for me, I believe that family-centered themes are one of the best because it makes me highlight what I and my customers value. The sense of home from that is felt from a family. In a group portrait, it is essential to garnish a sense of family, because that’s where a photograph raises the cost of its genuineness and authenticity.

Open To Criticisms

As an experienced photographer, I do not only learn by myself. I also learn through my clients. Through being open to criticisms, I have improved my skills over time. Also, I have determined what I still have to develop as a photographer in terms of mastering the flips and clicks of the camera and lightings. Being open to criticism is not a sign of weakness. It is a code that all professionals in the field consider.

Affordable But High Quality

Compared to other Portrait photographers in the world, Filipinos are good producers of high-quality photographs. Although prices vary, I can ensure its worth it and will not compromise a huge cut to my client’s expenses while giving them the best of quality services.

These are just some of the reasons why Filipino photographers can be trusted. Should you need more about how to choose the one, you may read The Definitive Guide In Choosing The Best Portrait Photographer.

Why Should You Invest in Portrait Photography

Due to the demand for Filipino portrait photographers, competition is vast. And, all I can say is that my services are good investments. With my years of experience in the field, I have acquired essential skills and strategies in making my services an asset. I have turned lessons and frustrations into practice. And have made ample network with clients and other professionals.

As a photographer, I can say that I have already established my identity in the field. With that, meeting new clients is still an excellent venue for me to show the world what I’ve got and what I can do in portrait photography. Most importantly the quality of service that made several clients trust my potential for years now.

If you think that I’ve convinced you enough, and you are seeking for a portrait photographer, then you may reach me out to discuss things. Should you have further inquiries about my portrait photography, you can connect with me so that I can also give the best option for your needs and preferences.