Here are the most creative quarantine posters created by our fellow graphic artists. They’re using their time to enhance their skills during Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ).

As I was saying before in my previous article about COVID-19, creative freelancers are in the midst of doubt.

I’m not going to tell you that I have a lot of time during this pandemic issue in our country. Instead, I am making sure that I’m using it effectively by spreading the positive vibes through these quarantine posters.

These posters came from the graphic artist community on Facebook. And let me tell you in advance that each poster has its own byline under them. In short, these are not mine.

If you have any problem or you don’t want them to appear in this gallery, feel free to contact me and it will be properly removed. Or you can visit the Terms of Service page if you need more information about my disclaimer.

Again, these quarantine posters are self interpretations of the respective artist. Some of them are their fair share to honor our medical front-liners. While some of them are just for fun. Enjoy and keep safe everyone!

We are facing a great crisis today. Due to a enhanced community quarantine I decided to create this artwork. A zombie apocalypse in General Santos City. Judgment day and end of the world are in our minds and our minds are a dangerous place to be.

Simple Illustration showing the Heroism of our dear Frontliner’s for sacrificing their lives in order to save us, for letting them stay outside just to protect us and the image of the Heartbeat Represent that they are trying to continue the beat of Everyone’s Life.

Inspired by a book called “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It is basically what it is, lovers in a time of this pandemic, and how do they cope with it.

Staying at home is the best thing to do to help our last liners. Yes, last liners because they save others first than staying home with their loved ones. Privilege as we are, we must do our part as they fight the invisible enemy through our prayers and simply staying at home.

Ouch! My heart breaks. This artwork represents people who are finding a cure to a broken heart. The cure to fight against the virus is crucial and so do the cure to broken hearts of people who lost their loved ones because of the devastating COVID-19.

While everybody’s at the comfort of their home due to the Nationwide Lockdown; There are people who sacrifice their lives working on the FRONTLINE without having the assurance of what tomorrow may bring them. These are the FRONTLINERS, these are the modern-day HEROES -So I came up with a terrifying poster that will send a strong message to everybody to take the situation seriously that one this may happen to us.

By seeing this piece of artwork, it certainly tells us that whatever extremes happens to this world, it is caused by our actions. Greediness of power, political and personal interest put into consideration definitely can cause a mass destruction that could affect the next generation.

15 Creative Quarantine Posters That You Never Want To Miss
Ian Jorban Sibi

This is based on what possibly happen if this world crisis gets worse, some road apocalyptic themed of our mainland road EDSA. Based on the games and movies I usually watched.

It was a sci-fi art inspired by the current pandemic (COVID-19) in response to the challenge of Graphic Artist Philippines to create art for the Frontliners. There’s no story behind this art, just a sci-fi supernatural type character, and a twisted mind. All materials are taken from the web.

As you can see this poster is a tribute to our brave frontline people who’s out there sacrificing their time, strength, and life just to keep us safe. And in return, I’m doing my part by staying at home and practicing my craft inspired by them.