Here’s another family portrait from my Portrait Photography services taken during typhoon Fabian.

Atty. Concepcion-Valencia is generous enough to hire me for a home photography session with a FREE on-site COVID-19 Antigen Swab Test.

Concepcion-Valencia Family Portraits
📷 Jason Miraples

To add more elements to the background, I positioned one of the lights behind the stairs divider. And since I’m using Sony A7RII, I trigger my Godox AD200Pro using XProS TTL Wireless Flash Trigger.

Behind-the-Scenes Family Portrait
Here’s the behind-the-scenes and the light setup that I used for your reference. 📷 Jason Miraples

The whole session took us 2 and a half hours including my ingress and egress. Enough for me to go home for another set of strong rain.

To God be the glory for the wisdom and blessings.